Our employees have an important role to play in communities throughout the province. Workers participate in a variety of committees to establish networks and partnerships and to advocate for community services for Indigenous people.

We receive numerous requests from around the province for participation in inter-agency and community-based committees. Your committee may benefit from the knowledge of our workers. Some of these committees may include crime prevention, court user committees, treatment centres, school and youth committees, first nation committees, probation services, and friendship centres.

Workers in your area advocate to make sure you receive resources relevant to your circumstances. We understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. Our staff will make sure you are receiving services that are right for you by facilitating fair and equal services for our clients. If you are not receiving appropriate service from an organization, probation services, crown counsel, or the courts, our Native Courtworkers will work with service providers on your behalf to make sure your needs are being met. We will explain to clients the Police Complaints procedure if the client wishes to file a complaint against the police.


Complete list of resources with contact information of indigenous services available in BC.