Family and Youth Services – Fraser Valley


Indigenous Youth Support Services – Who Are We?

The Family Preservation Support Worker is a position with the Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of BC designed to support Indigenous youth who have contact with community policing bodies who could benefit from health, justice, family and cultural support.

Who Can Refer To The Service?

Community stakeholders such as restorative justice programs, RCMP, defense/crown counsel, MCFD/delegated Indigenous agencies, legal guardians, and bail/probation officers.

What Does Outreach Look Like?

We support our youth in all areas that fall in the directions of the Medicine Wheel (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual), this is only some of what we do.

  • Connecting youth to biological family and traditional cultural. Sharing Indigenous history and teachings to strengthen their knowledge of cultural practices and identity;
  • Supporting youth with conflicts and restoring healthy balance within community/family;
  • Creating a trusting relationship with youth and families so they can truly feel supported
    and safe when engaging with other community services and supports;
  • Helping find appropriate counselling and Elder mentors to address intergenerational
    trauma and strengthen their connection to their identity as an Indigenous youth;
  • Supporting youth in applying life skills to improve adaptive functioning and
  • Providing youth and families support at community meetings and appointments (ICMs, schools, doctors, court, social assistance etc)

Assessment Support Through Jordan’s Principle Funding?

We support youth and their families in accessing CDBC assessments and other health or educational assessments. These assessments will aid youth, families and supports in having a better understanding of the youth’s strengths well as understanding areas where supports or different types of supports would be beneficial. Once an assessment is completed we support youth and their families by connecting them to services such as CLBC or PWD.

Every conversation and connection we make with youth has a teaching or experience that supports them on their life journey and builds positive identity and capacity.

For more information, please call: 604-219-7263