Community Engagement


Elder Support

The Vancouver Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Services office involved the participation of Indigenous Elders provide us with enormous support. Many of them play a vital role by sharing their teachings, providing guidance on advisory committees, and by connecting with community partners and stakeholders. We are always mindful of our Elders because they embody our mission, “A Helping Hand to Justice”.

Community Engagement

Our employees also have an important role to play in communities throughout the province. Workers participate in a variety of committees to establish networks and partnerships and to advocate for community services for Indigenous people.


We receive numerous requests from around the province for participation in inter-agency and community-based committees. Your committee may benefit from the knowledge of our workers. Some of these committees may include crime prevention, court user committees, treatment centres, school and youth committees, first nation committees, probation services, and friendship centres.

Our goal is to identify how we can assist other agencies in providing better services to Indigenous people, and to identify how other agencies can assist us to provide better services to our clients.

For those agencies or committees wanting to discuss partnership issues, please contact:


Courtworkers in your area advocate for you when you become involved in the justice system. We understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. Our Courtworkers will make sure you are receiving services that are right for you. This is how they will help you:

Facilitate fair and equal services for clients. If you are not receiving appropriate service from an organization, probation services, crown counsel, or the courts, the Courtworker will advocate on your behalf to make sure your needs are being met.
Assist clients with the Police Complaints procedure if you want to file a complaint against the police.

If you need a Courtworker to advocate for you, please contact us.


Indigenous cultural traditions, values, languages, socio-economic conditions and issues are vitally important to us. We believe every Indigenous person’s story is linked to our people’s history and culture. Our goal is to help you find a solution to your particular need from that perspective. That is why our employees are trained to facilitate cultural and diversity awareness workshops. They encourage justice personnel to take part in these workshops and also Indigenous celebrations. Through this work we want to make sure that non-Indigenous personnel in institutions such as the criminal justice system are reminded that Indigenous people have the right to have their cultural background taken into consideration during justice processes. This is one way we will empower change.

Our staff members keep an updated resource list of Indigenous organizations and First Nations bands in the province of British Columbia. They stay informed about Indigenous programs, services, support groups, and elder resources. Being involved in their communities assists in gaining an understanding of justice issues in the community.

If you are interested in learning more about the education and training that our workers receive, please contact us: