Our mission statement is “A Helping Hand To Justice”.

One of our goals in fulfilling that mission is to address inequality in accessing health services for all aboriginal people living in British Columbia. We work together with other agencies to address the specific health needs of aboriginal people. We are one of the only organizations that view health through a justice lens.

We know aboriginal people face many systemic barriers to receiving proper health care. That is why we see your health as a justice issue.

If you are experiencing any of the barriers listed below, one of our programs may be the place where you can find help.

  • You are struggling with mental health issues
  • You want to learn more about preventing HIV
  • You are suffering from addiction illnesses
  • You are not given access to health care because you are involved in the courts
  • You are a legal guardian of an aboriginal child and you may need information on the FASD assessment process

Aboriginal people are resilient, and through their inner strength are able to make great strides in overcoming barriers. We know how challenging the journey towards wholeness can be. That is why we are expanding our focus on health. We want to provide you with as much assistance as possible so that you can overcome those barriers and access culturally appropriate health care. We currently have effective programs that provide you with counselling and referral services for substance abuse and detox support.

In addition, we are now partnered with a health service provider on a pilot project for HIV prevention services in the Vancouver area. We also partner with a health service provider on another pilot project helping youth who are in conflict with the law and have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Within all of these services we provide one on one, couple, family and group counselling. Our staff will make sure you receive thorough information so that you can make informed decisions about your particular health needs. We will help you find the best strategy to overcome the barriers that prevent you from accessing health services. We believe you can overcome your challenges, and we will empower you to do that.