Through An Aboriginal Lens Program


In 2014, NCCAB.C. successfully implemented a new 3 year pilot project in the Lower Mainland called Through an Aboriginal Lens in partnership with the Asante Centre in Maple Ridge, B.C.. Through an Aboriginal Lens provides support to at-risk Indigenous youth referred to the Asante Centre’s Youth Justice FASD Program by youth probation officers.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term that describes the range of cognitive and behavioral disabilities that may affect a child if the child’s birth mother drank alcohol while she was pregnant. Individuals with FASD are overrepresented in the criminal justice system due to concurrent cognitive, physiological and environmental risk factors.

Through an Aboriginal Lens support is holistic in nature and rooted in an Indigenous worldview, values and teachings. We provide support to youth and their families before, during and after the FASD assessment. We assist youth in reconnecting with their birth family, birth community and culture. We help reduce both the number of youth with FASD entering into, or remaining in Ministry care, and their continued involvement with the criminal justice system. We educate and encourage youth, families and communities about the causes of FASD, and in selecting supportive lifestyle choices.

To learn more about how this project can assist you and/or your family, please contact Darla Rasmussen, Program Manager, 604-437-7101 or 604-349-2578 or please visit: