Downtown Community Court


Vancouver opened the doors to the new Downtown Community Court (DCC) in the fall of 2008. The Downtown Community Court brings together justice, health and social services. As a member of the Downtown Community Court team, the DCC worker’s job is to ensure that all Indigenous participants’ needs are treated in a culturally appropriate manner.

Aboriginal Case Worker acts as an intermediary between the accused and the criminal justice system. The Case Worker helps you understand your rights, obligations, court processes, cultural considerations and support. The Case Worker will increase awareness of court officials and the judiciary about legal and social resources that are available to the Indigenous accused.

The Aboriginal Case Worker provides these services:

  • Increases linkages between communities, organizations and individuals and the justice system
  • Increases consideration of relevant factors (cultural and other) by court officials and the judiciary
  • Enhances legislation, policies, services and processes affecting Indigenous people before the courts
  • Ensures Indigenous accused receive fair, equitable and culturally sensitive treatment by the criminal justice system.

Our Case Worker will also liaise with the judicial personnel to develop rapport with First Nation and Indigenous communities. This builds trust and provides knowledge of local issues. The worker will also help educate the community court on Indigenous culture and advise the court when required. The worker will make the court aware of all underlying factors that lead to the offence and direct the participant towards the proper avenue that best suits their needs.