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Welcome to Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia. We are here as “A Helping Hand to Justice” for all Indigenous people across the province of British Columbia. Our mission is to provide culturally appropriate justice and health related services according to your needs.

Our understanding of justice is based on a holistic view of people – psychological, physical, social and spiritual. We believe every Indigenous person’s story is linked to our people’s history and culture. Our goal is to help you find a solution to your particular need from that perspective. As we work together with you, we will treat you with dignity and respect. That is our commitment to you.

In all of our services, we will make sure you receive thorough information so that you can make informed decisions about your particular justice needs. We will help you find the best strategy to overcome the barriers that prevent you from accessing justice and health services. We believe you can overcome your challenges, and we will empower you to do that.

We can help you:

  • if you are involved in the criminal justice system
  • if you are facing charges
  • if you are a victim of a crime
  • if you need assistance with substance abuse and detox support issues
  • if you are facing discrimination from health providers
  • if you are dealing with family and youth issues
  • if you are at risk of violence or abuse

Here are some questions that will help you find the right solution for your particular need.

Are you a victim of a crime? Are you facing criminal charges? Native Courtworkers will provide you with information and guidance if you are charged with a criminal offence. We will explain the nature of the charge and how the criminal justice system works. We can direct you to various services that meet your needs.

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Do you need assistance with health-related issues? We have effective programs that provide you with counselling and referral services for substance abuse and detox support. We partner with health service providers to make sure you have access to HIV prevention services. We also partner with health service providers in helping you if you have a child or children diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and who are involved in the justice system. Within all of these services we provide one on one, couple, family and group counselling.

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Are you dealing with family or youth matters?  We have various family and youth programming available throughout the province. We have Family and Youth Advocates in the communities of Terrace and Prince George that assist Indigenous people who may be at risk of having children taken into the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). We advocate on behalf of Indigenous parents whose children have been apprehended, and who require guidance and support with reunification. We also have Indigenous youth gang prevention services in Nanaimo and Williams Lake. And we help families who have children living with FASD and are facing criminal charges. Our advocates encourage, they know when to listen, they care, keep confidences, withhold judgments, provide information and act as a positive role model.

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Do you need help with safety issues? Our highly successful Women’s Right to Be Safe Guide can assist Indigenous women living in B.C. who are at risk of violence, or who are currently experiencing violence. We are developing several programs that provide help to children, women and the elderly who are experiencing various types of violence. We will guide you to effective resources to improve your community safety, enhance your ability to seek supportive services and reduce potential future incidences of violence.

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