Duncan First Nations Court 10 Year Anniversary Celebration July 21, 2023

July 21, 2023 – Today’s celebration was a very impactful event for the Cowichan Tribes, Duncan First Nations Court and the Native Courtworkers and Counselling Association of BC. The masses gathered to help celebrate 10 years of specialized court service to the Duncan community. An incredible feast was presented to the guests, followed by a host of high-profile speak- ers graciously acknowledging this popular Sentencing Court. Today’s celebration was honoured by the Tzinquaw Dance Group Performance.

The speakers were as follows:

• Chief Judge Melissa Gillespie
• Chancellor Marion Buller
• Honourable Judge Roger Cutler
• Honourable Barbara Carmichael, Deputy Attorney General
• Peter Juk, Assistant Deputy Attorney General
• Hugh Braker, NCCABC President / First Nations Summit Task Force

An official welcome was presented by Charlie George along with an opening prayer by Cowichan Tribes Council and First Nations Court elder Albie Charlie. It was followed by an Elder recognition by Crown Prosecutor Leah Fontaine, KC, and First Nations Court Case Management Worker Mabel Peter.

Shawn Johnny, Cowichan Artist presented a new logo that will be used by the Duncan First Nations Court. Fontaine and Peter shared that the Elders had organized a gift to all First Nations Courts in British Columbia. They presented several Indigenous carved boxes with a braided eagle feather inside and a sash in honour of the Metis Nation.