Indigenous Ways on Ending Gender-Based Violence

The Anti-Human Trafficking Team

September 7, 2023 – NCCABC’s Indigenous Ways on Ending Gender-Based Violence was held at The Sheraton Wall Centre on Sept 6th & 7th, 2023.

Sponsored by WAGE, DOJ and Telus the event was held to address solutions to gender-based violence in Indigenous communities. Over 210 people from all over BC, NWT and The Yukon were in attendance.

Keynote speakers included Angela Sterritt-Arthur of Unbroken, Honorable Jeanie McLean-Minister of Women and Gender Equity Directorate YT, Jaylene McCrae & Martin Moorberg-2S activists, as well as Gina Nagano-founder of House of Wolfs, Community Safety Project.

Workshops were held to introduce participants to community-based solutions to Ending Gender-Based Violence, such as Yukon Be The Circle of Change, EVA BC’s Third party reporting, a presentation on a Youth led Anti Human Trafficking project, Gladue, Creating Safe Spaces, Qwi:quelstom Justice Project-Sto:lo Nation and Reclamation of Women’s Bundles.

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NCCABC would like to thank everyone who attended and we hold our hands up to our Elders, Dennis Joseph, Vera Jones, Louise Campo and Irma Peter, who attended the forum to provide cultural support to us during this time, as well as to IRSSS who provided counselling, smudging and support to those in attendance. Lastly to those that provided song, dance and inspiration, we thank you for being with us, Dkahkwa Khan Dancers from Carcross YT, Butterflies in Spirit from Vancouver, BC and Nicole Mandryk from Victoria, BC.