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We want to hear from you. We are here as “A Helping Hand to Justice” for all Indigenous people across the province of British Columbia. Our mission is to provide culturally appropriate justice and health related services according to your need.

If you require the services of our workers, or if you have a question or a concern, please contact our head office in North Vancouver or the nearest office to you.

For any concerns you may have about our services, please contact us:

Head Office:

Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia

207 – 1999 Marine Drive
North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 3J3

Phone: 604-985-5355 within Greater Vancouver
Outside the Vancouver area Toll Free: 1-877-811-1190
Fax: 604-985-8933

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Please do not share your confidential or sensitive information on this website. Instead please discuss with staff member who will help you with your request.

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