Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a crisis line?

No, but we provide crisis line numbers, and we can provide a list of website contacts.  In case of an emergency call 911.

Can youth access your services?

We are mandated for 19 years of age and up.

How do I access your program?

Set up appointment to open a file which can be through self referrals, walk-ins, and referrals from other organizations.

I need treatment as soon as possible. What is the quickest way to get help?

Go through intake process, see a counsellor for 8 – 10 sessions, and fill out Clinical Assessment Form. You must attend all counselling appointments. Complete application for treatment form to get name on waitlist. The length of time depends on treatment intake dates.

Are you the same type of services as a Detox centre?

No, we are an “Outpatient” Drug and Alcohol Counselling service.
Please call our office at 604-985-5355 or toll free 1-877-811-1190 for more information.

Is there a cost for any of the services?


Do I need a referral to attend the program?

No, we take walk-ins, self referrals, and organization referrals.

What if someone doesn’t want to come – is there a way to force them?

No, we do not force people but we do adhere to legal agreements such as probation or bail orders.

How long is the counselling service?

Sessions are one hour, once or twice a week, depending on need, up to one year.

Do I have to make an appointment?

It is preferred but not necessary.
Please call 604-985-5355 or toll free 1-877-811-1190 for more information.

Can couples attend?


How confidential is your service?

By law we follow the B.C. Public Service Act.

Do I have to stop drinking or taking drugs?

No, but we require you to be sober when entering the office and attending counselling sessions.

Do I have to believe or say I am an alcoholic or addict?


Will I have to join a group?

No. We provide one on one, couple, family and group counselling.

Is guidance for Indigenous Culture provided?

We will do our best to refer you to a culturally-sensitive program when requested.

Will I have to go away?


How long do I have to wait to be seen by a counsellor?

Appointments are usually within a week of intake.

If I am attending a self-help group, do I still need your services?

We accept referrals from self-help groups and give referrals to self-help groups.